Class StartTime

  • public class StartTime
    extends Object
    StartDate is a convenience wrapper allowing for parsing of StartDate in the timezone appropriate to a given master.
    • Constructor Detail

      • StartTime

        public StartTime​(String dateString)
                  throws ParsingException
        Construct a StartTime from a date given as string.
        dateString - the start time formatted as string to be parsed
        ParsingException - in case of a problem while parsing dateString
    • Method Detail

      • getDate

        public Date getDate​(TimeZone tz)
        Returns Date representation of StartTime as parsed at a given timezone. Master does not return a timezone associated with StartTime timestamp string, therefore an explicit timezone needs to be provided for correct parsing.
        tz - TimeZone associated with master.
        Date representation of StartTime at provided timezone
      • getDate

        public Date getDate()
        Returns Date representation of StartTime as parsed using default timezone.

        NOTE: If master is using a different timezone than the default timezone of the user of this API, then the returned Date will be incorrect.

        Date representation of StartTime using default timezone.
      • toString

        public String toString()
        Returns a string representation of StartTime. This is the same string that is passed to the constructor.
        toString in class Object