Quick Start



This document describes how to start with KIWI, an OS appliance builder. This description applies for version 9.17.19.

Before you start

Make sure you have installed KIWI and the example collection as explained in Installation

Build your first image

Your first image will be a simple system disk image which can run in any full virtualization system like for example QEMU. Call the following KIWI command in order to build it

$ sudo kiwi-ng --type vmx system build \
    --description kiwi-descriptions/suse/x86_64/suse-leap-42.3-JeOS \
    --target-dir /tmp/myimage

Find the image with the suffix .raw below /tmp/myimage.

Run your image

Running an image actually means booting the operating system. In order to do that attach the disk image to a virtual system, in our case QEMU is used, and boot it as follows:

$ qemu \
    -boot c
    -drive file=LimeJeOS-Leap-42.3.x86_64-1.42.3.raw,format=raw,if=virtio \
    -m 4096