Build a Virtual Disk Image

A simple disk image represents the system disk, useful for cloud frameworks like Amazon EC2, Google Compute Engine or Microsoft Azure.

The following example shows how to build a simple disk image based on openSUSE Leap and ready to run in QEMU:

  1. Make sure you have checked out the example image descriptions, see Example Appliance Descriptions.

  2. Build the image with KIWI:

    $ sudo kiwi-ng --type vmx system build \
        --description kiwi-descriptions/suse/x86_64/suse-leap-42.3-JeOS \
        --target-dir /tmp/myimage

    Find the image with the suffix .raw below /tmp/myimage.

  3. Test the live image with QEMU:

    $ qemu \
        -drive file=LimeJeOS-Leap-42.3.x86_64-1.42.3.raw,format=raw,if=virtio \
        -m 4096

After the test was successful, the image is complete. For further information how to setup the image to work within a cloud framework see: