KIWI Documentation

Welcome to the documentation for KIWI 9.17.19- the command line utility to build linux system appliances.

Appliance ?

An appliance is a ready to use image of an operating system including a preconfigured application for a specific use case. The appliance is provided as an image file and needs to be deployed to, or activated in the target system or service.

In KIWI the appliance is specified by a collection of human readable files in a directory, also called as the image description. At least one XML file config.xml or .kiwi is required. In addition there may be as well other files like scripts or configuration data.


  • Mailing list

    The kiwi-images group is an open group and anyone can subscribe, even if you do not have a Google account.

  • Matrix

    An open network for secure, decentralized communication. Please find the kiwi room via Riot on the web or by using the WeeChat client.