Your stable foundation for software innovation

Build, deploy, and scale your applications on SUSE maintained containers that are redistributable, open source, secure and dependable.

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Easy to use

Use it just like any other container image in a Dockerfile or directly from our registry.


Signed and attested builds.

Signed and verifiable with Sigstore's cosign. Fortressed by SUSE's robust build service.


Swift CVE responses

Vulnerabilities happen. BCIs are continuously updated to fix known CVEs.


Built on the dependability of SLE

With SLE BCI, ensure a rock solid foundation while keeping up with the changes in versions of technologies and/or languages.


Go above and beyond SLE

With support for BCIs running on SLE Micro, SLES, RKE2, K3s, AKS, GKE, EKS, and more, embrace true distribution agnosticity!


Keep it simple

Build, deploy, and run your applications with our general purpose and language stack container images.

High Quality Images
Ready for Production

SLE BCI empowers developers with a secure and reliable solution for constructing containers. Our containers undergo regular maintenance from SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, guaranteeing they meet high levels of security and compliance with industry standards. It seamlessly works with top cloud tooling like Kubernetes and Docker, offering a cohesive user experience across diverse platforms.

Getting started

SLE BCI are available as OCI-compatible container images directly from and can be used like any other container image

Alternately, you can also use SLE BCI in a Dockerfile and build container images using your favorite container runtime

How to get involved

SLE BCI is built from following projects on GitHub:

How to get support

Community support is offered in the BCI GitHub discussion forum. Commercial support options are available via SUSE BCI which is included in many SUSE product subscriptions.

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