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SUSE engineers work closely with open source community members to build and refine the technologies that enable you to innovate everywhere.

From operating systems to developer automation tooling, from container runtimes to Kubernetes management platforms, we leverage these projects to create fully supported, open solutions that address the challenges of today’s hybrid cloud, cloud-native, and edge environments.

Featured Projects

Longhorn logostorage

Cloud-Native distributed block storage built on and for Kubernetes.

Rancher Desktop logodevelopment

Kubernetes on your desktop.

Harvester logoinfrastructure

Open source hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) software.

Uyuni logooperation

The best tool to deploy and manage your enterprise Linux infrastructure, powered by Salt and Ansible

NeuVector logosecurity

NeuVector delivers Full Lifecycle Container Security

Kubewarden logoinfrastructure

Kubernetes admission control using WebAssembly (WASM).

Epinio logoinfrastructure

An opinionated platform that runs on Kubernetes and takes you from code to URL in one step.

SLE BCI logodevelopment

SUSE maintained containers that are redistributable, open source, secure and dependable.

Trento logoinfrastructure

An open cloud-native web console to manage OS-related tasks for SAP applications.

Proudly Open Source

Open Source is not only about code at SUSE, it’s in our Genes.

The SUSE Open Source Policydefines our shared values and beliefs about contributing to projects and participating in communities.

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